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Supper For Six

Click here to Donate to the Supper for Six Food Drive


Supper for Six food drive 2020, over 350 bags were collected and over $800 for local food pantries raised! Thank you! 

What is it?

Supper for Six, United Way’s annual food drive coordinated by Women’s Way. This food drive collects grocery bags full of everything folks need to make dinner— and sometimes lunch or breakfast— for a family of six. We hold this food drive in February every year when families face a week-long gap of school meal programs during the winter break. This year the collection will take place on February 12th, 2020

How does it work?

Fill a reusable grocery bag with non-perishable food items to feed a family of six dinner. Some dinner ideas include: pasta, canned vegetables, jarred pasta sauce, rice, beans, tuna, boxed mac and cheese, boxed or canned soups or broths. If you find your bag with extra space or yourself with a few extra dollars you could also add: oatmeal, applesauce, granola bars, peanut butter, nuts, canned fruit, pancake mix, jam, or a bottle of juice.
We’ll officially begin accepting donations in January and the drive concludes with a final collection, distribution, and celebration on Wednesday February 12th at the Church of Saints James and Andrew in Greenfield.

Who receives the bags?

Donations benefit United Way of Franklin County partner agencies including: Community Action’s Center for Self Reliance, Franklin County Community Meals, Salvation Army of Greenfield, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Franklin County, Mary Lyon Foundation, ServiceNet, and Montague Catholic Social Ministries.