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The Diaper Bank


What is the Franklin County Diaper Bank?

The Franklin County Diaper Bank is a collaborative effort between Community Action of the Pioneer Valley and United Way of Franklin County. Beginning as the Diaper Task Force in 2014, the Diaper Bank has helped hundreds of families keep their kids clean, dry, and healthy by providing diapers free of charge. We collect diapers and funds year round and hold an annual diaper drive to raise supplies and awareness about the diaper gap. Our cuurent aim is to be able to provide diapers to families throughout Franklin County year round. 

Why are diapers important? Why is there such a need? 

Diapers are as essential to baby's healthy development as a mother's love. Keeping infants and toddlers clean, dry, and healthy is key to building a solid foundation for all children to reach their full potential. But many families don't have the clean diapers they need. In fact, 1 in 3 moms reports struggling to access enough clean diapers. Without enough clean diapers, babies miss out on programs outside the home like playgroups or library story times and parents can end up missing out on work or school. Most working parents rely on child care and most child care facilities require parents to provide diapers for their child. 

What about government assistance?

While diapers are a basic need, they are not covered by public assistance like SNAP or WIC. The average monthly supply of diapers costs about $80 and TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) is the only federal assistance program that can be used to purchase diapers. However, TANF has to cover many other expenses, including heat, electric and water bills, rent, clothing, transportation, and other basic needs. In Massachusetts, there is no exemption from the work-related activity requirement after the birth of a child for single-parent households receiving TANF.   

What about cloth diapers? 

Cloth diapers are great! They're good for the environment and more economical than disposables in the long term. However, most early childhood education programs and daycares won't accept kids in cloth diapers. Additionally, most laundromats don't allow the washing of cloth diapers in their facilities meaning cloth diapers are not an option for families that don't have access to their own washer and dryer.  With funds raised from our 2019 Diaper Drive will be funding "scholarships" in a partnership with Changing Habits Diapering Service, so that families can have access to laundering services and learn about cloth diapering practices.  

How can I help?

Thanks so much for lending a hand! There are lots of ways to get involved! Here are a few ideas. 
  • Hold a diaper drive at your office, school or church. 
  • Purchase diapers from our Amazon wish list. 
  • Donate diapers your child has outgrown. Open packages are a-okay to donate. 


How can I receive diapers?

Diapers are available at the Community Action Family Center, Franklin County Community Meals Program, The Center for Self Reliance Food Pantry, Montague Catholic Social Ministries