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Community Investment

A Note from United Way's Community Investment Committee Chairs 

Investing in the community is the very heart of the United Way. It is the distribution of the funds raised in the community and the evaluation of the effective use of those funds. Community Investment in Franklin County is carried out entirely by volunteers with the assistance of United Way staff.

There will never be enough money to fund human services at the level needed or desired; thus, the volunteer’s role is a unique one. It requires the ability to understand the constraints of human service providers, disregard personal bias, and focus on the greater community. Volunteers work together in groups, with each individual member having their own perspective; the group will thus reach a consensus made by decisions tempered with common sense and caring.
There must be accountability on the part of all agencies so that the thousands of Franklin County residents who donate to the United Way can trust the Community Investment process. Donors expect their funds to be used wisely and efficiently to meet the county’s human service needs.
The Community Investment process is a remarkable one: the guiding philosophy is that the people who live and work in the community can best determine what the community needs. In the end, the volunteer represents and is accountable to the residents of Franklin County who support local human services through donations to the United Way. While this may seem a daunting responsibility to assume, it is a responsibility that allows the United Way to work for everyone.
Every year the United Way puts out a request for proposals for partnership and funding to agencies serving clients in Franklin County. Each United Way service area will be open for partnership and funding proposal, beginning in late November, every three years, on a rotating basis. The areas of service are Education, Health and Financial Stability.