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Community Builder FAQ

Community Builder Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Community Builder? 
Community Builders donate to the United Way on their credit or debit card, on an ongoing basis, until notified to cancel. You can also become a Community Builder by using your bank account to make a donation through EFT. 
Becoming a Community Builder promotes social change by supporting 25 vital agencies in Franklin County. 
What are the benefits of becoming a Community Builder?
  • It’s rewarding! You’ll feel good every month knowing you’re helping our partner agencies and thousands of families that need your support.
  • It’s cost effective! More of your money goes to United Way programs because there is less paperwork, lower administrative costs, and fewer fundraising expenses.
  • It’s easy & convenient! No checks to write, all donations show on your credit card or bank statement, and you’ll receive one tax receipt at the end of the year.
  • It’s safe!  A secure, automatic withdrawal happens once a month from your credit card or bank account.
  • It’s your choice! You can change or stop your monthly donation at any time by calling or emailing us.
We are so grateful for your sustained support, thank you! 
Are my monthly donations tax-deductible?
Your contribution to the United Way is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We will send one receipt at the end of the year. If you need another copy of your receipt, please call 413-772-2168 or email Please consult your tax advisor or attorney for information about specific situations. 
How can I update my credit card number or expiration date for my monthly sustaining gift?
Email Abbe Sweeney at or call 413-772-2168.
I’d like to increase or change the monthly amount I have been giving. 
That’s great, thank you! Send an email to Abbe Sweeney at, or call 413-772-2168 and we’ll update your pledge to reflect the new amount you want charged monthly! 
I’d like to make a one-time contribution in addition to my monthly Sustaining gift.
That’s wonderful, thank you! You can make your one-time donation online or by sending an email to Abbe Sweeney at, or call 413-772-2168.
Does the United Way sell my name to companies or other nonprofits?
No – when you donate to the United Way, we will not sell, trade or share your name, email address or any other contact information with any other organization.

Didn't get your question answered here?

Please give us a call at 413-772-2168 or email

Thank you so much for your support!