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Become A Community Builder Today!

With a monthly donation, you become a Community Builder who promotes social change by supporting 25 vital community organizations in Franklin County.  

It feels great to know you’re making a difference every month for families & people who live right here – the same place as you.  Here's what people are saying!

“I’m a Community Builder because it’s really easy to do.  For $15 a month, I’m helping elders live with dignity and supporting single parents who need day care while they’re at GCC.”  -- Lynn G, Heath

“There are so many groups doing great work in the Valley and being a Community Builder allows me to donate to many more than I can on my own.”  -- Peter J, Greenfield

“My husband & I are Community Builders because it’s such a positive way to be part of the incredible place where we live.” -- Dan & Abby, Northfield

Why become a Community Builder?

·     Rewarding:  You’ll feel good every month knowing you’re helping our partner agencies and thousands of families that need your support.
·     Cost-effective: More of your money goes to United Way programs because there is less paperwork, lower administrative costs, and fewer fundraising expenses.
·     Safe:  A secure, automatic withdrawal happens once a month from your credit card or bank account.
·     Easy & convenient:  No checks to write, all donations show on your credit card or bank statement, and you’ll receive one tax receipt at the end of the year.
·     You decide:  You can change or stop your monthly donation at any time by calling or emailing us.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a Community Builder or to join by phone, please contact Sandy Sayers at 413.772.2168 or at

Click Here to become a Community Builder TODAY!

Click Here to see all the different agencies your monthly donations may help support.

$8/month in honor of United Way’s 80th Anniversary