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Accountability & Diversity

Accountability Statement

We believe we have a responsibility, both to our donors and to our community, to ensure that the dollars people entrust to us are invested in ways that will produce the greatest measurable impact on lives, enabling our region to thrive. Our investment strategy unites our network of approximately 26 Partner Agencies under a set of shared goals and ties our funding to the achievement of specific measurements, increasing our likelihood of driving substantial change in our region.

How do I know that my contribution will be well spent?

The United Way of Franklin County is well known for its Community Investment process.  Community volunteers and board members take part in the Community Investment process, and rigorously studies, personally inspects and re-qualifies each organization it supports — every year. Our staff and volunteer experts evaluate and assist funded agencies to deliver their services effectively and efficiently — by offering technical assistance and training; fiscal management and operations guidance; volunteer and board member recruitment, and much more.
We maximize your contribution.
We take the business of investing and managing your gift very seriously. To ensure that your gift has maximum impact, we keep our functional expenses very low. Our extremely low overhead ensures that the vast majority of your money goes to people in need. For more specific financial details, feel free to call us, 413-772-2168.
Diversity Statement
We believe that diversity of thought, as well as cultural diversity of staff and volunteers, strengthens United Way of Franklin County's ability to achieve its mission, vision, philosophy, and values. United Way is committed to having a workforce and volunteer teams that reflect and celebrate the diversity of our community in all respects.